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Mitt Romney: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

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Some elections are close. This one wasn’t. Even as Karl Rove tried to deny reality  and other conservatives attempted to digest the ill news, it became apparent that this was hardly even a contest. Ceding only North Carolina and Indiana back to Republicans from his initial election, it was obvious pretty early on in election night that it was going to be Obama’s night.

What was remarkable was how most Republicans had no idea that such a victory for the Democrats was coming. It wasn’t simply a psychological ploy that Romney had no concession speech prepared on election night…he truly believed he was going to win, and the Fox News spin machine (Looking at you Dick Morris) played right into that. Most Fox pundits, and even Romney’s own advisors, were predicting landslide victories for the Republican nominee.

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Grading Gregory: Newt Gingrich

In Current events, David Gregory, Energy, Justin, Meet the Press, Newt Gingrich, Politics, Welfare on February 8, 2012 at 9:33 pm

Grading Gregory is a (sometimes) weekly column highlighting one of Meet the Press’s headline interviews with the best journalist in the business, David Gregory.

This week, we turn (back) to one of the Republican candidates for the Presidency, Newt Gingrich. It feels like Gregory has had Newt on every week for the past two months – ever since he all but declared that he would be the nominee shortly after Thanksgiving.

The Gingrich interview is really becoming Gregory’s speciality. What makes him such a good journalist is that unlike  most opinion oriented journalists, he actually points out when politicians are being less than truthful, and points out the lies. What makes the Gingrich interviews so compelling is that Newt’s egotistical and arrogant manner of discussion makes it seem that he might actually believe his own lies. Sometimes it is obvious when a politician is just reciting a line and pandering (see Romney, Mitt). When Newt says outrageous things (like guaranteeing that we will have a colony on the moon by the end of his second term…WHAT?) he actually seems to believe them. It’s like he lives in an alternate universe where shame doesn’t exist. How else do you explain his attempt to impeach President Clinton for his extra-marital affair while simultaneously conducting his own extra-marital affair?

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