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Mitt Romney: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

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Some elections are close. This one wasn’t. Even as Karl Rove tried to deny reality  and other conservatives attempted to digest the ill news, it became apparent that this was hardly even a contest. Ceding only North Carolina and Indiana back to Republicans from his initial election, it was obvious pretty early on in election night that it was going to be Obama’s night.

What was remarkable was how most Republicans had no idea that such a victory for the Democrats was coming. It wasn’t simply a psychological ploy that Romney had no concession speech prepared on election night…he truly believed he was going to win, and the Fox News spin machine (Looking at you Dick Morris) played right into that. Most Fox pundits, and even Romney’s own advisors, were predicting landslide victories for the Republican nominee.

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Leading from Behind

In Current events, Government, Justin, Obama, Politics, Romney on March 22, 2012 at 10:34 pm

Another Republican primary came and went this past Tuesday, with Mitt Romney sweeping to a decisive victory in Illinois. His victory speech Tuesday night represented an opportunity to coalesce the conservative movement behind his supposed inevitability. He trotted out his usual stump speech, focusing his sights primarily on President Obama after congratulating his fellow Republican candidates. He reiterated some of his main talking points and mentioned that Obama “leads from behind”, a phrase that has been thrown around a lot in this campaign cycle

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Dear Rick Santorum

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This past Sunday, Rick Santorum appeared on Meet the Press. When David Gregory asked why he chose to run for President, The former Pennsylvania Senator responded:

“We have a special needs little girl and that, that weighed both ways, to be very honest with you.  I want to be home with her because her life is so fragile, but at the same time, I felt like you had to go out and fight for these little children who, you know, in the margins of society, in a government-run healthcare system around the world, they aren’t given quite the care and resources allocated because, you know, the government may not see them as useful lives.”

Upon hearing Sen. Santorum’s statements on Meet the Press, I was in disbelief. I could not believe that someone could be so irresponsible to perpetuate such lies, and I could barely contain the anger that I had towards him for using his daughter for such a crass political purpose. Language taken from a direct transcription can sometimes seem a little garbled, but if you clean it up a little bit, Santorum is claiming that one of the reasons that he is running for President is because government controlled healthcare systems might marginalize his special needs daughter and not give her the care that she deserves. Read the rest of this entry »

What’s an Apology Worth?

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What is an apology worth?

It is a question that has recently taken on presidential implications. The Republican candidates have really enjoyed themselves painting President Obama as an “appeaser-in-chief” that regularly apologizes for America. Whether he is bowing to a Saudi, or blaming America for the banking crisis, Republican hopefuls have repeatedly made it clear that Obama’s brand of humility is unbecoming of the leader of the free world.

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The Weekender

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The Weekender is a weekly column devoted to the ideas/articles/videos that I find fascinating and wish I had more time to explore.

My wife’s Valentine roses only lasted one week. Russian scientists recovered seeds that had been locked in the siberian permafrost for 30,000 years and managed to make them grow, although it was a little bit more complex than placing the seeds under a grow lamp. The scientists extracted the plant placenta from inside the seeds, bathed them in a mash of nutrients until they sprouted roots and stems and then potted the plants two years later. The result was a leafy plant with unique white flowers, which are fully viable and capable of producing their own seeds, thus continuing an evolutionary branch after a 30,000 year hiatus.

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Contraception Contradiction

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The outrage has been palpable. The lines have been drawn, and the war is quickly escalating. No, we aren’t talking about the atrocities happening in Syria, or even the quagmire of Afghanistan, we are talking about the pill.

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