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We Need to Talk. About Guns.

In Current events, Gun Control, Guns, Politics on December 19, 2012 at 10:16 pm

When news broke of the Sandy Hook tragedy, it felt like a punch to my ribs. As a parent, events like these mean more than they used to. The thought of a gunman terrorizing school children was enough to make me break down in emotion while listening to the reports on the radio. It left me numb, it left me angry, and it left me feeling powerless.

After Columbine, Virginia Tech, Tuscon, and Aurora…we were told that now is not the time to discuss guns. We were told that out of respect for the victims, we should not politicize the tragedy. The hypocrisy of that viewpoint is that in saying that we should not have a discussion about guns is a political statement itself. Politics are defined not simply as what we discuss, but more often than not, politics are what we choose to ignore. Our acceptance of the status quo is as political as a statement can be. Whether the issue is drone strikes, the Patriot Act, GMO’s, guns or Social Security, silencing those that want to have a meaningful discussion about a policy is at it’s very core a political statement.

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