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Love Letter to the Beautiful Game

In Beauty, Soccer, Sport on August 28, 2012 at 8:50 pm

I know. You have heard it before. You heard it in 2010, 2002, and especially in 1994. It’s a notion that swells every four years as soccer’s best players boot up for the World Cup, and America’s gaze shifts ever so slightly from the box scores of last night’s baseball game to team USA’s quest to escape the group stages. It is the sentiment that soccer is almost there and it will soon be popular in America. It seems that it just gets repeated without every quite becoming a reality, but now in 2012, with only the modest bump provided by the US Women’s run in the Olympics, it is time to make the case that soccer really should be popular in America.

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Healthcare gets personal

In Current events, Health Insurance, Justin, Politics on August 7, 2012 at 10:56 am

We often hear about the big ideas in politics, and national politicians like to paint issues in broad strokes, and one of the best illustrations is the healthcare debate. Pre-existing conditions, mandates, lifetime limits…most of the time, all of these are policy issues. But for nearly everyone at some point, those policy issues become personal issues. I recently had one of those moments where the big ideas that I have written about became personal experiences.

I now understand how truly messed up our medical system is, and just how badly it needs an overhaul. I am not an expert, nor a psychic, so I cannot say whether or not the Affordable Care Act can or will change anything, but I can say that something needed/needs to be done. The following is my latest experience with the American medical system, with as much transparency as possible.

It was hot. It was hot and I was covered in sweat, having just come back from a two mile run in which i proved to my wife that yes, I can still run two miles in fifteen minutes. I bounded up my front steps and into our kitchen where I poured a cold glass of water and reached into a bag of cherries that had been sitting on our counter all day. This morning, that bag was full and now there were a handful left. Even fewer as I topped off my glass of water with a couple of the sweet fruits as I went upstairs to get a shower.

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