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Lake Vostok: Updated

In Uncategorized on February 9, 2012 at 10:14 am

This was discussed in last week’s edition of the Weekender, but now there is an update on Lake Vostok. The Russian team successfully breached the ice barrier…or as the eloquent Russian news service put it, “penetrated the prehistoric waters of Lake Vostok under the ice through a deep ice borehole.”

Thankfully, the team managed to preserve the pristine nature of the lake by punching through to the water, and allowing the water to flow up into the borehole and freezing solid, creating an ice plug that will prevent any contamination.  Unfortunately, the team will not be able to take any scientific samples until December, when the Antarctic winter breaks again. Currently, temperatures are reaching -45 degrees, and the airplanes that the team relies on to evacuate the station cannot operate below -50.

(update…more info on the potential scientific implications here)

Now, whatever lurks beneath the ice will have to wait another few months before it can escape and either enslave humanity, or release a deadly virus to kill us all, or whatever else the Hollywood writers can come up with.

  1. Thanks for keeping me updated on these otherwise known events…you broaden my horizons.

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