Lifes Worth Knowing

We All Have Aspirations

In Fascinating, Interesting, Justin, Thoughtful on January 10, 2012 at 9:34 am

If Life’s Worth Knowing had:

1.) A budget

2.) Spare time

3.) Technical expertise in the audio medium

4.) The backing of a national radio organization

I like to imagine that it would end up looking something like Radiolab – but we have none of those things, so the best that I can do is pass along another fascinating piece by geniuses Robert Krulwich and Jad Abumrad.

This time, they delve into a corner of our human nature that I make a conscious effort to not think about – our dark side. I have never been fond of horror in any medium, mostly because I am terrified of what lurks beneath the incredibly thin veneer that separates Ted Bundy from Ted Mosby.

I never like to think about the worst in us because I’m afraid that if I pull back the curtain that hides the primal sadism of a serial murderer, I will see myself. We are all capable of atrocity, so instead of trying to figure out what keeps most of us peaceful, I ignore the question all together.

Radiolab has tackled that question head-on, and the answers are chilling.


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