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In Fascinating, General, Interesting, Justin on December 30, 2011 at 10:07 am

The Weekender is a weekly column devoted to the ideas/articles/videos that I find fascinating and wish I had more time to explore.

Death has never been more beautiful Amazing pictures of the Dead Sea’s salt formations. I never expected such vivid colors from something so, well, dead.

Wait, that’s what my wife has been doing? It never fails. I will be in another room of the house working on something when my wife calls me over saying something to the effect of “babe, you’ve got to see this!” Or I will get an email at work with a link from her and a suggestion like “this would be great for the living room.” It is of course, something that she has found on Pinterest, which is to wives and mothers what myspace was to emo teens. An obsession? Maybe, but also full of interesting finds. This is a beginner’s guide to navigating the newest social network.

Wife, we better get on this. This interesting study found a direct relationship between a happy marriage and the amount of children that a couple has. The interesting conclusion is that the happiest marriages have either no children, or more than 4. The middle area sees a significant lower percentage of happy marriages. We have one kid…I guess we either get rid of him or start working on more.

And we are worried about the flu. A horrifying disease is spreading in Uganda, having sickened over 1,000 children so far. It is called the nodding syndrome, and it attacks otherwise healthy kids between the ages of 5 and 15. The saddest part is that nobody has beaten the illness thus far, as one CDC observer noted, “Once they have it, they are going to die with it, and much earlier than they would have otherwise.”

…But health reform was a mistake. This study found that one in five american families had difficulty paying medical bills in 2011. I find this is unconscionable for the wealthiest nation in the world. How is that okay? At least Obama took a stab at trying to fix that. We are still waiting for Republicans to offer their plan.

Left or Right? Straight? I knew that. This conversation has happened dozens of times when I am riding in the car and my wife is driving: “I take a left here, right?”

“Are you serious? You’ve driven this way like a hundred times”

“I know, I just second guess myself.”

Now there is a study that shows that a woman’s ability to complete tasks that require spatial skills (reading a map, driving) is directly affected by her confidence level. The more confident she is about herself (even unrelated to the task at hand) the better she will perform at those spatial tasks. So, the bottom line is if you want your wife to be a better driver, flatter her.

My science teacher lied. A great clip from an (apparently awesome) BBC show, where physicist Brian Cox demonstrates why atoms are mostly empty space. The write up also shows how the atom models that we built in school (the ones that look like little solar systems with electrons orbiting the nucleus) are actually incorrect. I feel like my 7th grade science teacher owes me an apology.


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