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Everyone remembers their first time

In General, Jon on November 11, 2011 at 1:39 pm

In a way, this blog has been a long time in the making. Once upon a time, Justin and I would would sit outside in his hot tub, watch the snow fall, and wax philosophical about everything. History? Check. Religion? Check. Girls? Obviously. Science fiction movies? Sure. The internal structure of a molecule? Occasionally. Those ritualistic conversations came to underscore a basic truth about each of us – that we both had an intense desire to uncover and understand that which we did not know; a trait that came to define  both of us in different ways.

Now, we inadvertently find ourselves in the same situation – trying to be good husbands to our wives and good fathers to our young sons. This has left us completely enthralled by the joy of fatherhood, and has also left our ability to discuss the deeper ideas limited by diaper changes and midnight feedings. We both sought out some way to maintain our passion for learning while upholding our duties as family men. This became our solution.

We are going to cover a lot of different concepts – I’m sure you will see posts about the ocean and about religion. You will probably read about the history of Lancaster and the importance of recycling, and I am sure Justin will delve into the world of politics and economics. If nothing else, this will allow us a consistent, creative outlet and provide us with the motivation to continually enrich ourselves.

Creating this blog in the first place is our first step toward new experiences.  I may have a bit of a reputation for failing to finish certain things I start, and neither of us have ventured into the blogosphere except for the occasionally long facebook post. So successful maintenance of this blog will be a victory in itself, but we are hoping for much more. In the end, I hope this becomes a continuance of the hot tub conversations and even more so, an extension of ourselves.


  1. I’m looking forward to joining in on the conversation occasionally. I think I would have enjoyed those conversations.

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